Shauni (speakmeat) wrote in tresxxxaddicted,

NAME: Shauni G.
AGE: 13
LOCATION: Wisconsin (Whoooooo! CHEESEHEAD.)
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING?: I've always known their old famous ones like Basketcase and When I come around as a kid, but when American Idiot came out I got totally evolved in them! But as soon as I heard Dookie I realized I liked their old school much more. <33
ARE YOU ANY GOOD AT GRAPHIC MAKING?: I can't say I'm mind-blowing or anything, but if something absoultely has to be made, I'll do it!
FAVORITE SONGS [I WONT MAKE YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE, BUT KEEP IT UNDER 8]: Basketcase, Blood sex & booze, extraordinary girl, Letterbomb. But I love mostly old school.
ON THE SPOT;; 1,2,3, RANDOM LYRICS!: I'm a teenage assaissin executing some fun - Wow, that's from St. Jimmy. XD

I love love love Tre Cool. When I first got into Green Day, he just immediately became my favorite. Which turned me into a super Tre Cool fangirlygirl! XD Even more, I love him in drag. OHH, KINKEH.

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