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'Tis an intro...

=O Trexxxaddicted!!! I love Tre!Okay, well, Mike is my first, but Tre is close behind!*flails*
Anyways, I just joined this community when I was looking at favorite_son, and I saw dominatedcheese's plea and it looked so awesome I couldn't help but join!!!
Anyways [again], 

AGE:15 Bitches!
LOCATION: Massachusetts, United States.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING?: Ehhhh.. 'bout a year?[I know it's after the American Idiot era but my friend got me to listen to them. Okay, I'll shut up & finish this because I tend to ramble on about useless things a lot.]
ARE YOU ANY GOOD AT GRAPHIC MAKING?:Sort of. I don't have Photoshop or any of that fancy stuff. Just MS Panit.
FAVORITE SONGS [I WONT MAKE YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE, BUT KEEP IT UNDER 8]:Coming Clean.Dominated Love Slave.Welcome to Paridise.Minority.Homecoming.Letterbomb.
ON THE SPOT;; 1,2,3, RANDOM LYRICS!:<i>broken hearts and tron up letters, girl you just can't dance forever if you wanna make it better...</i> 
- Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters, and the Story of a Lonely Girl, Lostprophets.

And I'm sorry if I rambled on too much in here, I'm really really hyper (I blame the sugar rush)xD
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