Speck XD (x0x_whatsername) wrote in tresxxxaddicted,
Speck XD

This is one of those Post-it sticky notes....

'Ello mates. I'd be the SECOND person to try this new info. stuff out.

<b>Age?</b>15, 16 in October babbyyyy.
<b>General location?</b>Lowell, Massachusetts
<b>Do you have PSP/Photoshop?</b>Nah, I'm not rich.
<b>How long have you been listening to Green Day?</b>Not long, almost two years now.
<b>Have you purchased the new Green Day book, <u>Nobody Likes You</u>?</b>Yup! And I finished it. It was fucking awesome.
<b>Opinions on Al Sobrante?</b>Yay for you for making the band big, and introducing the Tre Cool to the world. Go suck some ass for leaving.
<b>What is the meaning behind Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)?</b>I've had a lot of friends leave me, even though they said they would stay in my life forever.
<b>Play any instruments?</b>yup. Piano&guitar.
<b>1,2,1,2,3,4! RANDOM GREEN DAY LYRICS!</b>Seventeen and strung out on confusion/Trapped inside a roll of dissilution...
Tags: green day
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