Speck XD (x0x_whatsername) wrote in tresxxxaddicted,
Speck XD

Lotsa news today!

Okay, okay, I've just joined as a mod but I'm working on it, BUT, I do have alot of news today. Where shall I start?

Well, the re-releases of Kerplunk! and 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours came out on the Ninth of January. (Yesterday, I believe.) You can get them at Best Buy for $10, or buy them online at buy.com if you are too lazy to get them yourself (they're $13 online so I suggest you drive over and get them yourself.)

Next, There's a video on YouTube of when Billie Joe sang in Honolulu, Hawaii with U2 as a surprise guest. It's really interesting, and the quality is good. The video is far away though. Watch it here.

The Network official site was down but now it is back up with the words "Cumming soon..." on the homepage. I wonder....

Also, Billie Joe was mentioned as #23 on a list of the 25 best guitartists. Check this list to see.

I have more, but I have to go. My parents yelled at me.....*shrugs*

I'll put more later.
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